JUDGE Badge War Gaming Figurine Base

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JUDGE Badge War Gaming Figurine Base



JUDGE Badge War Gaming Figurine Base(s) consisting of two FDM 3D Printed pieces each to glue together yourself.

25mm OD Dia. for the Base itself.
3.5 mm Height

Supplied unpainted.
usually in a mid grey colour.

Please Note:
– It can take 5 to 10 working days to produce these parts, depending on demand.
– We will notify you after purchase of the ETA if your item should take longer to product.
– The actual raw product colours shown here are subject to change, but that is not an issue as you will be painting and weathering it anyway.
– Some parts may have the IDM logo on to dissuade re-casters.
– We reserve the right to redesign parts to improve function, assembly and practicality, but will retain the visual intent.

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