Love making Props & COSplay items?

WANT to get access to a wealth of Production Knowledge?
Considering your own BRAND or Range of Products?
EXCITED about 3D Print, FoamSmithing and Concept Design?
or, Just want to Illustrate and Build Future Worlds & Share with like-minded Imagineers?

We have a number of Artists and Designs creating, making and selling their work with IDM.
Experience and Support you can call upon. So if you are wanting a career or job in cosplay, prop making or practical special effects then this is an opportunity to build your portfolio and gain contacts and valuable references.

If you want to JOIN Us, then introduce yourself and your work to us [Form below].

Together we are Stronger.

James [maker] IDM.

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2 thoughts on “JOIN IDM

  1. AvatarTom Laird Mack

    Hi to all at IDM,

    General query about getting into the prop making/imagineering line of work – I traditionally come from the concept art and 2D side of creating stuff, but I love props and modelling. What would I have to do to expand my skillbase to land a job at a studio such as yours?

    To give you a very brief rundown, my relevant skills and certificates are a upper 2nd in Illustration from Plymouth University, A levels in Product Design and Graphic Art and recently made it through to final interview stage for the concept art vacancy at Games Workshop (I was unable to attend due to illness and lost out).

    I’ve been working on my own 2D concepts and brand since then, ready for a launch in the near future, but I’m very interested in working in this industry to expand my skillset.

    If you have any advice, I’d be very grateful.

    Thanks in advance,

    Tom Mack

    1. Odin SonOdin Son Post author

      Hi Tom,

      IDM is a Team of like-minded craftsmen [Imagineers] who work together on projects for the Fun of it.
      To take the edge off the Day Jobs 🙂

      So, Join the Team and improve quality of Life and get ahead more than you can by Yourself.
      We need an Imagineer that Draws Concepts and Dreams BIG.
      We are good at concepts, mechanics, 3d printing, electrics, casting, patenting, etc …
      Set us a challenge … let’s build a Brand √

      James [maker] IDM

      Keep the Day Job … but smile a lot more … like Bruce Wayne.


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