2012 Judge Holster vIDM

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The 2012 Judge Holster is our own unique design and includes a number of optional features to personalise to your Judge Costume and Accessories.



The 2012 Judge Holster is our own unique design and includes a number of optional features to personalise to your Judge Costume and Accessories [Judge Badges and custom Name Plates]:

  • Your own custom NamePlate
  • Eagle badging
  • Shield badging
  • Thigh Rail Guides
  • Belt loop options to hang the Holster from your Belt [straight or suspended]

The Holsters open design (esp. for the sights) gives great visual clearance to see the details of both your 2012 Gun whilst holstered, and the badging and nameplate individualise it too.


There are two variations of this 2012 Judge Holster for sale.

DIY KIT: It comes in pieces. You assemble this yourself. Read details below please.
ASSEMBLED: We assemble this KIT for you. Read details below please.

It is Lightweight being comprised mainly of 3D Printed [honeycomb structured] parts.
It is made from PLA plastic so it is Easy to Glue.
The materials are Easy to sand, cut or file and Easy to Paint (use Revel Acrylic’s).

It is designed to match and fit and work with our 2012 GUN Mk2 vIDM [kit]
Due to the wide variation, interpretation and final construction of 2012 Guns we can only vouch for our screen referenced measured Gun.

Each Holster can have a unique NamePlate.
Please let us know what NamePlate you would like.

Like all KITs, be they AirFix, Revel or the-like, it requires skills, tools and ability to assemble this KIT product as directed in the Manual to attain a good strong finished item as per our photos. It will require gluing, filling and sanding (several times), to get the item made to the desired (pictured) result.

You will also need the following to complete the IT:
Araldite Glue : Vitabond CA Thick RED SuperGlue : ISOPON P38  Filler : Acrylic Paints : GoldFinger Paint (optional) : SandPaper : Clamps : 25mm webbing strap : Buckles : Felt

It will comes with an Assembly Manual and general Help and Advice via. email support to ensure you get the build completed.

We can assemble it for you by Gluing the Main Parts together, attaching the Badging and filling the joins.
The final assembled item will require you to Sand, Primer Undercoat and Paint it.
It will have Webbing (for you to trim to length) and Plastic Buckles for you to suit to fit you and your costume for position and comfort.
Once the assembled KIT is in your possession you can Paint and Weather it as you wish to resemble the Sample Photo’s.


Please Note:
This Holster is for the 2012 LG. It may be able to take other design LGF’s with modification.
It can take 4 to 6 weeks to produce these parts, depending on demand.
We will notify you after purchase of the ETA for your 2012 Holster.
The actual raw product colours shown here are subject to change, but that is not an issue as you will be painting and weathering it anyway..
Some parts may have the IDM logo on to dissuade re-casters.
We reserve the right to redesign parts to improve function, assembly and practicality, but will retain the visual intent.

Based on the design by Imagineer Adam @ IDM

Additional information

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 16 × 6 cm

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  1. Ken simmons (verified owner)

    Bought this to go with my Lawgiver & is very easy to assemble. Nice little touches with my own nametag & the eagle & shield emblems that i finished off in gold!

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