IDM is a unique studio where our creative model makers bring concepts from gaming, television, film and books into a more concrete reality. We work for individuals, companies and world-leading brands.

We are based in Leeds (UK) and our creators have over 35 years of industry experience in bringing concepts to life using mixed media: CAD/CGI, 3D Print, 3D Scanning, Casting, Fabrication, traditional Model-Making, Painting.

Our website showcases a broad range of products, materials and solutions that are everyday elements of IDM Imagineering.

Get in touch by leaving a comment at the bottom of our website. Ask about our services and products, model making, inspired products and more.

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IDM is based in Leeds and London providing props and special effects services to the UK, EU, USA, and Internationally. Our special effects technicians have a broad range of skills (see our Supervisors James & Adam Bio’s) and a substantial industry career.

If you have a problem... if no one else can help... and if you can fund us… maybe you can hire... IDM.

IDM Imagineering is a marketing name of the James Rothschild Partnership.

Judge Dredd Helmet COSplay BUILD

James [Maker]

I have always loved Technical Drawing, Wood and Metal Work. My studies included Art & Design Foundation at Art College and a Degree in Industrial Design and Engineering.

I spent many years in Design Consultancy working in Product Styling, Interior Design and Advertising then moved into Special Visual Effects in London.

When computers became the 'thing' I joined Apple and the MultiMedia revolution for many, many years … but somewhere along the way I stopped ‘Making’ ... so I returned to the Dream and all has been good for a very, very long time ...

Cosplay Armourer

Adam [Maker]

Thanks to my Dad's engineering background and his love of Tolkien I already had a passion for model making, computers and the worlds of dungeons and dragons.

I completed a diploma in general Art and Design specialising in ceramics and sculpting, then continued on to another diploma in art and design focusing more on Graphic Design and Fine Art.

Since then my career has been focused in the Design Industry helping to create Graphics and Packaging solutions for many major Brands worldwide.

Hero's assemble!

7 thoughts on “MODEL MAKERS

  1. Rick Barbosa

    Im interested in a lawgiver mk2 from Dredd , i want to add it to WE G18 airsoft pistol, and wanted to know how much it would cost.

    1. Odin Son Post author

      Hi Rick,

      That is an exciting idea.
      We have made a few Judge Dredd LawGivers as AirSoft.

      There is an issue with legality, age and laws … one has to be a registered member of a gun club or Airsoft gun club or association.
      Then there is the challenge of shipping what the authorities class as a ‘live weapon’ !

      We do supply a KIT on our web shop and have Manuals, Photo’s and Support to see ‘you’ through your self-Build.

      Kind regards,

      James [maker] IDM

  2. Abbie

    Hello, i was wondering how much it would cost as well as if it would even be possible to create black headphones with the google chrome logo on both outer sides that can light up. They do not need to produce sound or anything. ☺

  3. David Plowman

    Dear IDM
    Your Dredd 2012 Lawgiver holster looks amazing. I’m looking for one to complete my Dredd uniform.
    Please could you Confirm if the assembled kit comes with the webbing to connect the holster to a belt?
    Also please could you let me know if there is a small webbing strap over the handle that keeps the gun secure until the owner wants to use the gun. Normally there is a stud popper fastening to release the webbing.

    1. Odin Son Post author

      Hi David,

      YES, comes with webbing to connect the holster to a belt √

      YES, comes with a small webbing strap (15mm wide) over the handle that keeps the gun secure √
      It uses a small release buckle too.
      How you set it and the little buckle is up to you.
      With the Gloves on, everything is hard to hold 😞 or manage TBH.

      James [Maker] IDM


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