2012 Dredd LawGiver MkII vIDM

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This is the IDM version of the 2012 Dredd LawGiver MkII and is intended for safe COSplay use. This is a Model Kit with versions for your own unique Serial Number, static LCD Display or we can BUILD it for you. See descriptions below …



There are three variations for sale of this 2012 Dredd LawGiver MkII

This is a high quality FDM Printed PLA Model KIT that is hand finished ready for you to assemble.
Comprising of some 38+- pieces, this KIT allows for may modifications, wiring, light, sound boards … whatever your personal modelmaking goals are.

DIY KIT- CUSTOM: It comes in pieces. You assemble this yourself. Read details below please.
DIY KIT – BUDGET: It comes in pieces. You assemble this yourself. Read details below please.
FINISHED COMPLETE: We make it all for you. Read details below please.

These KITs are Lightweight being comprised mainly of 3D Printed [honeycomb structured] parts, which is an advantage over other more Solid and rather weighty products.
It is made from PLA plastic (and possibly some Resin parts) so it is Easy to Glue (use Vitabond CA Thick RED).
The materials are Easy to sand, cut or file and Easy to Paint (use Revel Acrylic’s).
It is durable and modifiable should you wish to add your own internal lighting, displays or sounds speakers.

These KITs comes with an Assembly Manual and general Help and Advice via. email support to ensure you get the build completed.

• DIY KIT – CUSTOM – Supplied to the UK and International.

Each Lawgiver can have a unique Serial Number [mention when purchasing please]
If you have a preference then please let us know.
We suggest a format like this:
SERIAL NO. day-month-year 8 IDM0-IDMversion-leavethistous
SERIAL NO. 11-09-01 8 IDM0-1-leavethistous
SERIAL NO. 11-09-01 8 IDM0-1-001

Each Lawgiver can have a unique Static Colour printed LCD Display:
[mention when purchasing please]

Note: requires an additional BB Glock17 style toy which is required by you to disassemble to add to this kit. BB Body subject to stock style available.

• DIY KIT – BUDGET – Supplied to the UK and International.

This BUDGET LGII vIDM is different from the CUSTOM one [above] in that:
– there is no personalised serial number,
– there is no choice of LCD colour print,
– the 3Dprinted parts are bagged and not individually wrapped.

Note: requires an additional BB Glock17 style toy which is required by you to disassemble to add to this kit. BB Body subject to stock style available.

FINISHED COMPLETE – supplied to the UK only due to International Border Controls.

We make these On Request, so please discuss your Order with us before Checking out …
We can build it for you…
The final assembled item may be undercoated in Orange Paint to comply with UK or CONvention Law.
Once the assembled KIT is in your possession you can Paint and Weather it as you wish to resemble the Sample Photo’s.


* This KIT is not made to work with a functioning or firing AirSoft BB

Model-making KITs requires some additional tools, glue, filler, sanding, undercoating and painting skills to achieve good results. We are here to help and advise on your build 🙂 We can also be commissioned to make it for you.

Please Note:
– It can take 4 to 6 weeks to produce these parts, depending on demand.
– We will notify you after purchase of the ETA for your Lawgiver.
– The actual raw product colours shown here are subject to change, but that is not an issue as you will be painting and weathering it anyway.
– Some parts may have the IDM logo on to dissuade re-casters.
– We reserve the right to redesign parts to improve function, assembly and practicality, but will retain the visual intent.

Based on the open source files by James Murphy

Additional information

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 16 × 6 cm

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2 reviews for 2012 Dredd LawGiver MkII vIDM

  1. Ken simmons (verified owner)

    Easy to put together, i’m not usually good at that sort of thing but the instructions were easy to follow. Once painted it looks awesome! Well worth it.

    • Odin Son

      Thanks Ken,
      We keep updating out Manuals with all the feebback we get 🙂
      James [maker] IDM

  2. Cameron Barker

    love the detailing on this it looks real!

    • Odin Son

      Thanks Cameron,
      With a bit of weathering using silver paint on a dry brush and scuffing that colour onto the logical corners and edges it really starts to pop!
      There are alot of Photo’s of BUILDs over on our FaceBook Page:
      James [maker] IDM

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