ROTACASTER for Casting

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This is a manually powered ROTACASTER for moulds 16″ square.
Made-to-Order on request.
[VIDEO below in description]

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This is a manually powered ROTACASTER for moulds 16″ square. [see video below]

This is the 1:1 RATIO Gearing

This is the 1:1.8 RATIO Gearing

Our ROTAcaster is designed to be a Desktop sized version that is useful for small to medium sized object casting of props, helmets, statues, models;
39cm, 16″ in XYZ axis for the outer proportions of your mould.


The two pairs of cross bars, one at the front and one at the rear, are easily adjustable so you can freely place one or multiple moulds at a time by clamping then to the inner frame.

It can be easily disassembled and stored out of the way in 2 pieces, ideal for the small workshop environment. It’s modular design makes modification and upgrades easy.

This ROTAcaster will come as a partially assembled KIT that you assemble yourself from the supplied instruction manual. It is approx. 35Kg shipped.

The Product is made to order from Aluminium 4040 section, Stainless Steel axles, bearings and fixings with minimal Plastic parts [end caps and X rail gear mounts].

If you require a different Gear Ratio then please contact us.

*A ROTACASTER is the machine that aids RotaCasting.
Rotacasting is how the pros make hollow plastic parts for cosplay props that are cast out of resin or wax or even chocolate! — and it’s easy to do at home.
Your silicone mould, supported by it’s fibreglass jacket, is suspended inside a gyroscope mechanism or RotaCaster and liquid resin is poured in.
The mould is plugged shut and then it is rotated by the RotaCaster through 1080 variations of rotation so that the liquid resin flows around all the surfaces inside the mould before it sets hard.
The process can be repeated to build up the desired wall thickness.
RotaCasting also helps remove air bubbles and can save considerable amounts of material and material costs.

** You may be able to power it with an electric drill or electric motor modification of your own BUT we do not advise or endorse such modification.

Rotacaster or Rotacaster or Rotary Casting, there’s a lot of ways to describe these Rota machines but they all work well and save your arms from heavy repetitive labour.
DIY wooden weak Rotacaster or a Professional Durable Rotacaster like this one … the choice is clear.

Additional information

Weight 45 kg
Dimensions 100 × 39 × 30 cm


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