HALO M6/M6B Magnum Pistol vIDM

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This is the IDM version of the M6 and is intended for safe COSplay use. This is a Model Kit. See description below …

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This is a 3D Printed Model Kit. It comes in pieces. You assemble this yourself.

There are TWO Versions: M6 / M6B
M6 : This has a Removable Magazine.
M6B: This has a Removable Magazine and a Functioning Slide.

They are Lightweight being comprised mainly of  3D Printed [honeycomb structured] parts, which is an advantage over other more Solid products. It is made from PLA plastic (and possibly some Resin parts) so it is Easy to Glue (use Vitabond CA Thick RED). The materials are Easy to sand, cut or file and Easy to Paint (use Revel Acrylic’s). It is durable and modifiable should you wish to add your own internal lighting, displays or sounds speakers.

It will comes with an Assembly Manual and general Help and Advice via. email support to ensure you get the build completed.

Please Note:
It can take 4 to 6 weeks to produce these parts, depending on demand.
We will notify you after purchase of the ETA for your item.

Model-making kits require some additional tools, glue, filler, sanding, undercoating and painting skills to achieve good results. We are here to help and advise on your build 🙂 We can also be commissioned to make it for you.

The actual raw product colours shown here are subject to change, but that is not an issue as you will be painting and weathering it anyway.
For non-UK orders we will print in Orange PLA, for UK orders we will print in Grey PLA.
Some parts may have the IDM logo on to dissuade re-casters.
We reserve the right to redesign parts to improve function, assembly and practicality, but will retain the visual intent.

Based on the files Designed by Stephen Hale

Additional information

Weight .75 kg
Dimensions 20 × 16 × 6 cm



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