2050 Judge Boot Armour SHIN GUARDS

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This is the IDM 3D Print concept design replica of Judge 2050 Boot Armour SHINs.
It is one part of our Judge 2050 BOOT Accessory concepts.

These are 3D Prints in sold durable PLA. You will receive 6 pieces;  two halves for each SHIN and a central rear strap to support and help you glue them very solidly together (use Vitabond CA Thick RED & 2-PART Epoxy). Fill any seams, sand and paint to suit.
You assemble and paint these yourself.

To attach the SHINs to your Boots:

  • Attach the Boots Straps to the SHINS into the two slots provides to lock in the Straps.
  • Clasp the Boots Straps closed whilst wearing the boots
  • Adjust the position of the SHINS and Straps so the SHIN Armour looks centrally to your Boot.
  • Mark the Two [Bolt] Holes positions on the opposite of the SHINs onto your Boots
  • Remove your Boots …
  • Drill a hole though your boots
  • Bolt the SHINs to your Boots, using washers and nuts allowing a bit of flexibility and mark the bolt lengths, then, cut the bolts to size.
  • Bolt the SHINS to your Boots.

You may be interested in the Making-Of, and other related Items over on our Facebook Page: JUDGE :: 2012 BOOT Toe& Heel ARMOUR [BUILD] as well as the JUDGE 2050 :: BOOT SHIN [BUILD].

Please Note:
This DOES NOT Include the Boot Straps themselves.
It could take 2 to 4 weeks to produce these parts, depending on demand.
We usually hold a few of each of our products in Stock 🙂
The actual raw product colours shown here are subject to change, but that is not an issue as you will be painting and weathering it anyway.
Some parts may have the IDM logo on them to dissuade re-casters.


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